When NOS, (a Coca-Cola owned energy drink) approached Evolution to kick off a new marketing campaign, we took our next step in creative development. We had to pull out all the stops for NOS’s new campaign: “With this NOS I will”, taking a contestant’s wish and making it reality. “I will train with a Hollywood Stuntman” was the lucky tweet that took our contestant through a wild Mojave Desert adventure. For this journey he was paired up with UFC superstar Tim Kennedy to go through a gauntlet of real-world Hollywood stunts, from an action packed fight sequence to hanging onto the hood of a speeding truck. It was all that non-stop action that created the subsequent spot.

We continued our partnership with NOS energy drink and their new campaign by going to an island in the Pacific coast. This time we brought UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, as we journeyed to a remote location on an un-disclosed island in the pacific. After searching for the perfect spot, we challenged T.J. and his friends to jump off high and dangerous cliffs as we captured the action packed stunt.