Evolution, Disney Mobile Games, and LucasArts teamed up to create the launch trailer and media campaign for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. Following the global success of the hit mobile game app Tiny Tower, Disney Mobile decided to bring the Star Wars world to life in this 8-bit wonder.

We were brought onboard to come up with an original story that would propel the game forward while staying coherent with the Star Wars mythos. This required a steady process of creative communication with LucasArts and Disney to ensure that both the unique 8-bit art style would be honored, all while keeping the Star Wars brand consistent.

The challenge of course was presenting a dynamic storyline while being limited to a very rigid, but comedic art style using 8-bit graphics and animation. We managed to incorporate many of your favorite characters in whimsical situations. What resulted was perhaps one of the most entertaining and action packed trailers under our repertoire.

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